About us

Family Based & Community Driven

CR Lewis has been operating for over 20 years as a domestic skip hire service in Solihull. In 2018 Lee Butterworth purchased CR Lewis off the back of the tremendous growth of his first company, Dovetail Group UK. Following this purchase, the company restructured and rebranded itself using the existing name as the foundation to build from. CR Lewis angled a more family-driven service while achieving the robust and commercial quality that Lee was used to delivering with Dovetail Group. This vision has led to CR Lewis’s expansion, delivering more services at higher standards to more customers. All while maintaining the company’s character rooted deep within Solihull. 

Lee butterworth

Managing Director

Lee has gained a wealth of knowledge in the services industry over the last 11 years through his company, Dovetail Group UK. Lee has grown Dovetail from the ground up, developing a strong and skilled team to run contracts for organisations such as The Canal & River Trust, Whitbread and Moto Hospitality. The experience Lee has accumulated formed a strong foundation for him to purchase CR Lewis Skip Hire in 2018. At the time of its purchase, CR Lewis was a failing domestic skip hire company in Solihull that was beginning to lose its reputation. Lee angled to restructure CR Lewis to mirror Dovetail’s robust operational methods through technology, training, and accreditations while putting family values at the forefront of the business as he looked to run the business alongside his wife Laura Butterworth and brother-in-law Brett Medforth.

Laura butterworth

Managing Director

Laura has been instrumental in the growth of CR Lewis, having been directly involved from the very start. While Lee has had a primary focus on ensuring the company’s operational standards are the very best and adhering to the robust and proven methods of technology and innovation, Laura has made it her priority to embed CR Lewis deep within the Solihull Community and surrounding areas such as Meriden, Balsall Common and Coventry. The drive to give back to the community that keeps CR Lewis operating is what fuels Laura’s position, whether that be employing locally, organising charity services for local events or just ensuring every community has no doubts about their waste management needs as CR Lewis will take care of it. The family values are at the forefront of the business and Laura drives this everyday.

brett medforth

General Manager

Helping cement the family values at CR Lewis, is Laura’s brother Brett Medforth. Brett has been the General Manager of CR Lewis since Lee purchased the company in 2018 and has been responsible for the day-to-day management and ensuring the operational methods are being adhered to in order to achieve a high-quality service and robust organisation. Using technology Brett oversees the use of our CAFM system BigChange which is an innovative job tracking software that assists CR Lewis with the delivery of our services, confirming no customer is missed and everything is logged to the small minute details allowing complete quality control. Brett has grown alongside CR Lewis having achieved his WAMITAB Waste Management qualification, another measure he has taken to increase the performance of CR Lewis.

Why choose us?


Based in Solihull, CR Lewis aims to deliver the most affordable waste management prices to look after our local community. With a large volume of competitors in the local area for the likes of skip hire and man and van collection, it is paramount we remain competitive with our prices.

Commercial Methods

With the support of our sister company, Dovetail Group, we have robust, commercial-level operational methods in process that help us deliver a high quality and efficient service every day. Our organisation as a company is a direct reflection of our methods and use of innovative technology.

Family Run

At CR Lewis, we are proud to be a family-run company and this is something we look to continue indefinitely. This is the foundation and spine of our business and we constantly aim to project our family values vicariously through our operational delivery.

At The Heart Of The Community

Despite our continued effort to provide a high-quality and scalable service, our top priority is remaining an affordable waste management solution in Solihull. Our local community is at the forefront of our minds and we make it our objective to deliver affordable services in and around Solihull.

our waste cycle process

Step 01

Consumers house

Our Waste Cycle Process begins with the most important part, the customer. Throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, we offer Skip Hire, Man & Van Collection, Bin Clearances and more. As a part of these services CR Lewis waste collect the items for waste direct from the customers house.

Step 02

Zero to landfill

With Sustainability being a vital theme for businesses in 2022, especially for the Waste Management sector, CR Lewis have a 0 to Landfill policy, meaning we divert 100% of our waste from Landfill, and instead to Waste Transfer stations, where it can be disposed of correctly, or recycled for the consumer to re use. This year alone we have diverted 853,570KG of waste from Landfill.

Step 03

waste transfer station

As a part of our Waste Management Process, we partner with a variety of Waste Transfer Stations throughout the West Midlands in order to dispose of our Waste correctly. This volume of partners enables us to cover a larger area to deliver our services.

Step 04

re-use and recycle

The use of Waste Transfer Stations enables the Waste that CR Lewis dispose of to be recycled for further use, whether that be Plastics, Glass or Aluminium, these materials can be used again and sold in shops. Helping the economy continue while avoiding the negative impacts of incorrect Waste Processing.

Step 05

consumer re-use

With the Waste disposed and recycled correctly, the Waste Cycle Process comes full circle as the consumer will often re-engage and purchase more goods that will require disposing of at a later stage by CR Lewis Waste.


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